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Heart Behind TRII

Yolanda Wetteland, the Founder of TRII, was born in Odessa, Ukraine to a Zimbabwean mother and an Angolan father. With her mother studying, soon after she was born, Yolanda was sent to live with her late grandparents, both teachers in Zimbabwe. “I grew up in a very strict environment and the take-home message from that upbringing is always strive for the best for yourself and everyone around you,” she says.

Yolanda’s mother relocated to Leeds, UK in 2001 and worked two jobs as a cleaner and sales associate while studying to be a social worker. Yolanda moved to Leeds, UK to live with her mum in 2005.

“Mum was such an inspirational woman," Yolanda says. "She was a single mum who taught me that no one can succeed for you: you must do it for yourself. You must have your own story to tell..”

This pushed Yolanda to do the absolute best in everything she touched. “My first job was as a sales associate at TKMAXX whilst studying BSc Medical Biochemistry at the University of Huddersfield. After completing my studies, I started working in Cosmetics Regulations and soon realised I had a passion for the Beauty Industry where I have adopted and developed amazing skills that I have utilised throughout my career.”  She has worked for Space NK, Charlotte Tilbury and recently served as Global Regulatory and Technical Director at ELEMIS.

‘’Now it is time to tell my own story through TRII and achieve what my mother and grandparents would be proud of. They have left me a legacy of learning which I hope to leave for my children as well as be an inspiration to anyone around me.’’