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Real Customer Stories of trii

18 Jul, 2023

If you are looking to turn your body care routine into a sensorial experience with sustainability in mind, trii is where sustainability and self-care meet in luxurious solid form!

Some of our Glowing Customer Reviews:

Sharon C has indulged in nearly every scent trii offers. Recently, she's enjoying the refreshing Peppermint range during her holiday. Sharon recommends these products for both home and holiday, solidifying their place as essential components of any skincare routine.

"I’ve used nearly every scent so far. I’m currently using the peppermint trio on holiday. With so much sun and sun block throughout day the wash and gentle exfoliation are an absolute must! The oils keep my skin super soft, especially after using the body lotion. The oils glide on leaving my skin glowing and dewy. Any left-over on my hands tame the frizz in my hair."

Sandy H emphasises the luxurious sensation the products provide. Sandy is so impressed that she plans to order more, and her recommendation speaks volumes about the wonderful experience these products deliver.

"What a great product! Feels so nice once you have used it. I tried peppermint scrub bar and the most amazing moisturiser which is again in the shape of a bar and super easy to carry around specially when traveling. I would highly recommend the product and going to order some more. Love it."

We are an inclusive brand for anyone seeking a simplified approach to body care that does not compromise on luxury or effectiveness. We understand that our customer is looking to streamline their routine and reduce waste without sacrificing quality.

Martin C, who has never been inclined toward treatments, is left awe-struck after trying our Incense Range. With gratitude, he acknowledges the accessibility and efficacy of trii products.

"Wow! I have just used the Incense! What an experience that was, I absolutely loved it….. Never been 1 for treatment’s but this has left me feeling and smelling like I have visited a SPA. Thank you for a product that is also appealing and easy to use for us men."

Anna Marie's review emphasises the affordability of trii products, making them not only a treat for herself but also ideal gifts for friends and family.

"I started using these products this morning…Absolutely love them! I used the body wash, exfoliating wash and hand and body cream. My skin felt so smooth, and the smell is gorgeous. The price is very affordable to treat yourself and great presents for friends and family. I will definitely order again."

The benefits of using products trii products are shown through the heartfelt testimonials of our cherished customers! From the soothing scents to the nourishing oils and gentle exfoliation, our products offer a luxurious experience for the skin and senses. Whether you seek to pamper yourself or find the perfect gift. Choose trii for a truly transformative body
care experience that combines sustainability, self-care, and indulgence like never before. Join us in embracing a new era of conscious beauty and experience the trii difference today!