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Trii products are designed to turn daily bathing routine into a self-care ritual harnessing the power of the finest skincare ingredients and scents.

From the bath or shower to the dressing area, the journey from cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising is enhanced by our three-step ritual.

Taking each product from one collection, start with Trii Hand & Body Wash of your choice, follow with the TRII Exfoliator three times a week and complete with the Trii Hand and Body Moisturiser to have a cleansing experience in solid form like no other.  Each product has been specifically designed with complementary aromas and textures to work in tandem for optimum physical and sensorial results.  

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Trii Lemongrass - Refresh Your Senses

Instantly recognisable for its uplifting aroma, TRII Lemongrass - Refresh Your Senses range and has been expertly blended as refreshing way to start the day with a beautiful aroma that lingers.

Trii Lavender - Calm Your Senses

Countdown to bedtime with TRII Lavender - Calm Your Senses a range to calm the body and mind. The range has been expertly developed to create tranquillity into your routine as you wind down after a long day.

Trii Incense - Spice-Up Your Senses

With smoky and woody aromas TRII Incense - Spice-Up Your Senses creates a sensorial spicy journey from cleansing to moisturising. Cham your body and senses with this enchanting musky range.

Trii Peppermint - Awaken Your Senses

To deliver a boost of vitality, TRII Peppermint – Awaken Your Senses range is our range specifically designed to awaken and energize both the body and the senses in three stages. Peppermint leaf oil is the key ingredient making this the Trii ‘alarm clock’ range.

Trii Rose - Lift Your Senses

Calming rose can make a bad day, good and TRII Rose – Lift Your Senses range has been created to nurture the skin and the soul. Bring the scent of romance back into your life with the three products used in tandem.

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“ Amazing product. It has turned a boring daily routine into 'me time' “

Davina F.

“ My body and house have never smelt so good “


I'm loving the Incense range, move over Hugo Boss I'm sticking with Trii.

Stuart G.