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About trii

Message from our Founder

Over the last few years, I found myself wanting some ‘me time’ while I tried to streamline my life, de-clutter, be less wasteful, have less hassle, buy less and positively affect the environment. This became the inspiration behind trii.

I want to encourage everyone to make the time for a self-care ‘me time’ ritual. A streamlined, luxurious, deeply sensorial three-step experience using a body cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturiser, all in solid form and plastic free. Three steps – which is why I called the range trii.

My ten years in the cosmetics industry, latterly as a Global Technical Director, led me to develop the following principles:


Turn a daily routine into an enjoyable sensorial experience.

Deliver an impactful sensorial experience using the highest quality of scents from two years of research.


Ensure all our luxury solid body care products are packaged in reusable, recyclable & letterbox-size packaging.

trii products do not become viscous after use, so the products do not get wasted. The packaging must be plastic-free and sustainable. We employ reusable aluminium tins, and when the wash and exfoliating bars are left in the container with the lid off, the solid circular shapes dry quickly while scenting the room. Hassle-free solid body care products can also be packed in hand luggage: there is no need for plastic bags for airport security. All deliveries from our website will be in recyclable packaging that fits through a letter box – our customers do not need to be at home for deliveries.


Have a simple message and let the products speak for themselves.

Our luxury body care bars not only have to have the finest scents – but they also have to exceed customers’ expectations. The wash bar must lather without using SLS, the exfoliator has to have natural ingredients – we use apricot seeds and pumice – and the moisture bar has to melt on contact with the skin. All the products must do what they say on the tin.

I hope you enjoy our products and the sensorial, physical, and emotional benefits of taking your time in the shower or bath with trii.

Yolanda Wetteland, Founder – TRII